• El Manar for Mining and Trade Company
    It is one of the leading companies in the field of supplying White Silica Sand.
  • Exporting for abroad
    AlManar for mining & trade extends its services outside of Egypt for all countries of the world
  • El Manar has an old history in the field of Silica Sand.
    Since 17 years
  • Trucks waiting for the loading of Silica Sand
  • The loading to Damietta Port for exportation.
  • During assembly of Silica Sand raw material.
  • Behind every success, there is hard work and effort.

About Al Manar

El Manar’sWork Team consists of an efficient and highly-effective management that made the Company at the forefront of White Silica Sand supplying companies inside and outside Egypt. It also has a highly-skilled professional capabilities of engineers, technicians and labor.

El Manar for Mining and Trade Company complies with the standards of Environment Conservation, sustainability and Community Services through coordination with the competent authorities and compliance with the rules and regulations of operating quarries in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Al Manar Service Silica sand

Silica sand

White Silica Sand is broadly used as one of the most important materials for the companies operating in the field of manufacturing glass of all types, metalworking, and manufacturing of metals, castings, electronics and water purification as well as others.

About us

El Manar for Mining and Trade Company is one of the leading companies in the field of supplying the high-quality White Silica Sand since 17 years, inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Why us?

The quality of the raw material extracted from El Zafarana Area is attributed to such area as it is considered one of the best locations for extracting Silica Sand in the Middle East.El Manar also has the ability to provide the needed quantities along with punctuality of delivery time and client satisfaction. All of this and even more will be found in El Manar.

Our Clients